Planning is a key element of our consulting activities and we specialise in planning applications for environmentally sensitive developments such as waste management or industrial facilities. Increasingly complex requirements to address environmental issues as part of the planning process, has led to an increase in the number of Environmental Impact Assessments being carried out. We can prepare Environmental Statements for any form of sensitive development and have recently completed assessments for:


  • municipal and inert waste landfill sites

  • waste transfer stations

  • recycling centres

  • biological treatment and MBT

  • end of life vehicle ATF

  • quarry, restoration planning and mining

  • EWC code additions

  • intensive agricultural production units

  • Article 6 Habitats Directive Assessments


We contribute to the design of many facilities through the planning process helping clients develop infrastructure design often from initial concept to detailed design stage. Our service includes all sampling and surveys needed to prepare the environmental statement, management of sub consultants and site investigation works.

For many planning applications a full formal Environmental Statement is not required but more limited supporting environmental information is prepared to address issues arising from the development.

AMC can act as planning agents and will project manage the application on the clients behalf right through to the grant of permissions dealing with requests for further information, clarification and consultation with statutory consultees.