About Us

AMC is a niche consultancy operating across Ireland servicing a range of clients from sole traders to multi-national companies and government organisations. Previously trading as Andrew Moag Consulting, the business has grown into a small company of specialists. Our staff are based in Belfast and we have a network of associates throughout Ireland. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality advice on environmental issues and supporting our clients with a personal service.



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Andrew Moag

Andrew is trained as a biological scientist and engineer, he holds a BSc in Agricultural Botany and an MSc in Soil and Water Engineering. He has worked in Environmental Management for over 26 years, initially working for the National Rivers Agency in the Severn Trent region, before moving to private consultancy in the early 1990s. Andrew has worked at all levels in consulting, up to regional director for the Irish business at Enviros Consulting. Andrew has worked with many Irish waste companies in developing their businesses focusing on not only their environmental performance but commercial performance as well. AMC have developed a superb monitoring and sampling capability for a range of different types of activity and sites and provide all the services required to manage the environmental performance of most waste activities.


Andrew set up AMC in 2004 as a specialist niche environmental consulting company, to focus on waste and associated environmental management activities. Andrew has a strong commercial skill base having worked with businesses that range from family enterprises to multinational companies. With a wealth of experience in waste, water and land issues Andrew has become one of the leading trainers for the Irish government competent persons training programmes. He also provides support to clients in many fields, especially commercial business strategy development, expert legal witness and regulatory negotiation. Andrew is a chartered Waste Manager (MICWM) and is well respected throughout the industry across Ireland.


Aside from managing the business, Andrew is heavily involved in day to day consultancy dealing with clients, reviewing and directing projects. He works closely with regulators assisting clients in reaching agreements on changes in the operation of sites and in achieving consent for new activities.

John Moag

John manages the company's monitoring contracts and is responsible for the schdeuling of monitoring tasks and allocation of monitoring resources at a range of facilities from waste management facilities to construction projects. He is affluent in environmental monitoring techniques having gained several years of experience as a environmental technician prior to joining AMC on a full time basis and understands the importance of obtaining quality representative data in the field.


Having trained as a Civil Engineer at Queens University Belfast John has spent considerable time on construction projects and is fully aware of the environmental pressures placed on contractors. This understanding helps John to produce practical and cost effective solutions tailored to the client's requirements. Previous experience managing a hazardous waste transfer station has further developed his understanding of environmental compliance and requirements of various authorities. This experience was invaluable in providing an insight in the daily management of a waste facility from a contractor's point of view.


Throughout his studies and employment with AMC he has become affluent in CAD design software and fulfills the role of an AutoCAD engineer with the company. John uses CAD on a daily basis to produce site layout plans, contour models and elevation drawings which are integrated into WMEX, licence, permit and planning applications.


John has an interest in hazardous waste, particularly asbestos within soils and made ground, and actively works alongside industry bodies to produce concise and accurate guidance on the risks and remediation of such wastes.